Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What I Think Love Is

Loving someone isn't about giving yourself to them. It's not about sacrifice or need. Loving someone is not about making them happy at your own cost or expecting them to provide you with happiness. Loving someone is about sharing your warmth and happiness and helping them find their own.

Love is genuinely wanting someone to enjoy everything to the fullest without any expectations or selfishness. Loving someone is not about understanding their every thought and intention, it's about respecting and sympathizing with the ones you don't understand.

Love is not about fixing or saving someone and it's not about giving them happiness. Love is helping someone realize they never needed to be fixed to begin with and that their happiness is within them and not something that needs to be given by someone else. It's not about providing for each other, it's about providing for yourselves and being a source of positivity for each other.

Loving someone is not about becoming whole, it's knowing that you are already whole and sharing everything within you with another person. Love is about loving someone unconditionally and wanting them to know they are loved and important regardless of whether or not they feel the same way. It's about wholeheartedly wanting someone to be happy with zero expectation of anything in return.