Friday, October 24, 2014

Music I HIGHLY Recommend

Some of these artists I've known for a while and a lot of them are fairly new to me, but I listen to all of it. I'm constantly asking my friends if they listen to different musicians and I just feel the need to constantly share music, so here is some that I recommend from a couple different genres.
(PS. These can all be found on Spotify)

One of my personal favorites, this is two guys (Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber). They're alternative and upbeat and kind of funky and always put me in a good mood. One of my favorite songs of all time is theirs and it's called "Monogamy."

This is a brother and sister (Georgia and Caleb Nott) and I saw them live and they are just plain cool. Georgia is adorable and her voice is so pretty. They're kind of indie and kind of pop and awesome. "Bridges" is their most well known song at the moment.

Zella Day
She's not very well known, but she reminds me of a more upbeat Lana Del Rey, and although I'm not the biggest Lana fan, I do love Zella. She just came out with a new song called "Hypnotic" and it is just that.

This is a rap/hip hop group made of Slug, Ant, and Plain Ole bill, according to their Facebook page. This is some of my favorite music. It can be really upbeat with songs like "Sunshine" and still be serious. I find a lot of it to be really motivating and positive.

This is Lizzy Plapinger (MS) and Max Hershenow (MR) and they're kind of dark and kind of indie and difficult to describe. My favorite song is "Dark Doo Wop" and much like their other songs, is kind of foreboding and slow and the vocals are fantastic.

Nosaj Thing
Jason Chung is the guy who makes this awesome stuff. It's pretty electronic but so relaxing. My favorite song here is "Safe" and Kid Cudi used his song "Aquarium" for "Man On The Moon (The Anthem)."

This is Scott Hansen and he creates some of my favorite study music. It's kind of electronic but also really ambient and just chill, for lack of a better word. I find it much easier to focus listening to this than anything else, but I can also fall asleep to it.

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