Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter Break

     Winter break is the biggest relief of every year right next to summer, of course. I get to go home and spend a month doing absolutely nothing with my friends (aside from when I actually get to work) and don't have to worry about anything. It's a relief, of course, but I always seem to find myself being completely bombarded with text messages and phone calls and tweets from people I haven't seen or talked to in months who think that me being home means that I have to see everyone I was ever friends with. 
     People demand to see me and get upset if I can't or don't want to make the time for them. After a while it starts to feel like it's not really even up to me who I spend my time with. It's like people think it's just my duty to please them and to spend time with them and if I don't then I'm being a bad friend or I've "changed" since being away at school. That's just not the case and it's unfair of people to just expect me to divvy up my time and energy so that everyone gets their fair share. People who don't talk to me for months while I'm away suddenly think it's my obligation to spend time with them, and that's just not the case. I'm going to spend my time with the people I think are worth spending my time with. I'm going to spend my time with the people who attempt to keep in contact with me while I'm across the country, not just anyone who decides I "should" see them since I can. 

     People don't seem to understand that my life is completely different. Every time I come back to Vegas, everyone wants to just continue on as if I never left, but the fact is that I did. I spend most of my year in New York and I don't come home just to come back to the same drama and the same problems and the same bullshit that I never cared about in the first place. Things change and although it might seem like things are back to the way they were when I'm back, they aren't. I have a completely different life and different priorities and different interests. I'm not that interested in hearing about who's dating who or who's doing what drugs because it really doesn't affect me anymore and it really never did. I don't really have any desire to do the same things I was doing in high school because I hated it. I left for a reason and it wasn't so that I could come back to the exact same things I tried to leave behind. 

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