Monday, November 10, 2014

Little Things

     I spend way too much of my time worrying about my grades, money, and everything else in my life. There always seems to be something stressing me out and I tend to find a lot of joy in little things that seem pretty insignificant but brighten my day, even if it's just the smallest bit. It sounds pretty cheesy, but when there's so much to worry about for each day and so much I have to achieve for my future, it actually does make a little difference and these are some of those little things that I've learned to appreciate.

Waking up at my first alarm when it normally takes about a hundred times and I end up rushing my morning or missing breakfast and being late to class.

Being satisfied with the first outfit I put on because it saves SO much time when I don't have to go through my entire closet and then put it all back. 

Finding the perfect song to start my day. I usually put on music as soon as I leave the apartment and when I can find a song to listen to that fits my mood perfectly while I'm walking to class, it's one my favorite things. 

Not forgetting to bring something to class. Like my glasses! This rarely happens. I'm very forgetful so it's always a pleasant surprise when I'm actually fully prepared for my day and have my glasses and whatever else I need. 

Cooking something new for dinner that actually tastes good. I used to be the worst cook ever and I'm slowly learning so I love when I can figure out how to make something new that I like.

When the bus driver tells me to have a good day. I love the bus drivers. They're the reason I can get to class. I would probably be pretty annoyed if I was a bus driver for a bunch of obnoxious college kids so the fact that they're so nice is awesome.

When the song I'm listening to ends right when I walk into class because I hate ending a song halfway through. 

Not tripping when I'm walking in public is my favorite thing of all time because I trip SO MUCH. I shock myself with how clumsy I am sometimes.

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