Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Non-Opinion On Homosexuality

     I would just like to say that I think it is absolutely ridiculous that this is even a debatable topic. Nobody in the the entire world has ever asked me how I feel about straight people, so I don't understand why they would ask me about gay people. There is literally no difference. A person is a person. Why do I have to have an opinion about homosexuality if I don't need one about heterosexuality?

     If you asked anybody, "Hey, how do you feel about straight people getting married?" They would be like, "Um, what kind of question is that?" And it's exactly the same as asking someone how they feel about same-sex marriage. It's people loving people and who we love is completely out of our control. I can't force myself to be gay just like someone who is gay can't force themselves to be straight.

     Not to mention, it's nobody's business to begin with. It's nobody's place to barge in on anybody else's love life or sex life. Someone else's sexual preference does not and never will affect anybody other than themselves and whoever they are with, so why does it even matter?

     Nobody has ever told me that I'm wrong for being sexually attracted to guys and I think it's wrong to tell someone, no matter who they are or what their preference is, that they are wrong for who they're attracted to. We don't get to choose. It's really that simple.

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