Sunday, November 2, 2014

People Are Annoying About Dating

     I have seen girls time and time again make idiots of themselves trying to get a boy (or a girl) to like them and I don't understand it. I've listened to girls debate how long they should wait to respond to a text message or how revealing they should dress and a million other things. If you ask me, it's all bullshit. People are constantly playing games and trying to trick people into liking them. I don't understand the point.

     You can't expect someone to like you if you're constantly messing with them and playing games rather than just being a normal human being and doing what you want to do. If someone makes you jump through hoops to get to them and they turn out to be completely different than they let on, you wouldn't want to waste your time with them so what's the point in doing the same to someone else? Nobody wants to deal with that, yet everybody keeps doing it.

     The way you dress and the way you act and the things you do should not all be based on what you think someone is going to like. If you change everything you do and say to attract someone then chances are that they probably won't like you when they realize you're nothing like you seemed. So why waste your time? What ever happened to being yourself? Yeah, it's a cliche thing to say but it's so obvious that nobody thinks to try it.

     You would think that people wouldn't still be trying to figure out the magic solution to dating and the secrets of getting people to like them when it's really much simpler than that. Someone is either going to like you or they're not and texting them back an hour later rather than when you saw their text message probably won't make much of a difference.

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