Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Best Things That Happened To Me This Week

I photographed the IT Girl event (girls in the IT program at SU) on sunday for Medley and they had free food and ice cream. Basically I got to take cool pictures and eat as much as I wanted and spend time with cool people.

A friend of mine found me the textbook to borrow for my math exam. I don't actually have the textbook because it's expensive and this particular test had problems that required using charts in the book. I thought I was for sure not going to be able to get a good grade because no one I know has the book I could borrow, so it was a relief.

I got my philosophy paper draft back and my professor really liked my topic and my arguments. I got a B+ on it until I revise, so yay. I'm planning on posting a summary of my points once it's edited and finished.

I found my student ID in the pocket of a jacket I've worn several times this week. I hadn't been able to find it for two weeks and I have to have it in order to swipe into the gym or dorms or to buy food. Go me.

I worked my first day at my new job. Granted, it's just an ice cream shop at the mall, but it's a job and I've been desperately needing one. I get free ice cream and drinks and one of my managers works at a chocolate shop so I went home with a free box full of chocolate covered strawberries my first night plus two vitamin waters.

I had friends come over and we played flip cup and never have I ever and I love games. Games are my favorite thing in the world.

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